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Driven By Desire | Mount Kinabalu

February 27, 2009
© 2009 Wazari Wazir

© 2009 Wazari Wazir

I’m really sorry for my long absence here. I was back here in Kuala Lumpur last Monday 23rd Feb but I was too tired to write anything, in fact I haven’t burn all those Sabah picture especially my Mount Kinabalu to DVD yet at the times of this writing. Still too damn tired and all my body still not fully recover yet, soreness all over. The climb was tough, it may not the highest mountain in the world but it’s still not so easy to climb for a sedentary guy like me, unless you are an adventurous person who climb mountain here and there and climbing a mountain is your yearly ritual, that should not be too tiresome for you.

I’m still adjusting to normal boring working life after spending a week traveling here and there each and everyday during my stay in Sabah. The climb just took two days two complete with one night stay at Gunting Lagadan Hut, it was cold up there, the place that I’m staying doesn’t have a heated room unlike Laban Rata Rest House, which have a heated room.

Climbing a mountain is not for everybody, but to those who have a desire to do so, not many people like to leave the comfort of their home to enter the wild. I was told by our Mountain Guide Mr Fendi that, a large numbers of climbers come from a foreign country especially Australia, more than thousands of people climb Mount Kinabalu every year. Mount Kinabalu is not technically difficult to climb but never ever under estimate or take it for granted, you still need a good stamina to climb it, not everybody who climb Mount Kinabalu reach the summit. The weather can change dramatically up there, the wind can be so strong than can pose danger to climbers. You still need to train few month in advance prior to your climbing and not to mention, to book early as early as five month ahead because the space at Laban Rata can finish up very quickly.