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Self Expression

December 7, 2009

© 2009 Wazari Wazir

“I think your picture is not sharp”, “I think your picture is a little bit dark”, I think your highlight is blown out”, ” I think you picture has too much noise”. For me this is all “funny comments” not from photographers but I would call them a “Technicgraphers” why? Simply because these kind of people who like to comments about technical aspect of photography fail to realize what photography is all about, a picture is not like an engine or a building where you can measure or judge their performance by technical aspect. Great photography or great picture will work even if they break all the rules, a blurry picture and totally blown out highlight picture will still stand a chance to win a World Press Photo Awards if the picture is GREAT regardless of their lack of technical aspect.

For me it is very simple, a GREAT picture is a GREAT picture and a BAD picture is a BAD picture even though all the technical aspect is perfect in term of composition, lighting, exposure  and etc and etc…


Istanbul | Istiklal Caddesi

December 5, 2009

© 2009 Wazari Wazir

This is among my favorite picture of Istiklal Caddesi in Istanbul, there are a lot of peoples here, you really can get lost in time here, watching people doing their business along the street or simply watching people just enjoy walking here. Definitely this is a must visit place for any traveler or tourist who come and visit Istanbul apart from most common tourist attraction like Blue Mosque and Aya Sofya at Sultanahmet. People here really doesn’t bother so much of you taking picture of them, maybe most people here are so accustomed with photographers taking their picture, after all, this is among the most popular tourist attraction in Taksim Turkey.

About the editing, I use a light texture to et a vintage kind of feel here. If you like to know a bit about my processing, here it goes, first I do my editing as usual, adjusting colors and contrast, then I choose “Blue Channel”, Red, Green and Blue Channel give different kind of monochromatic image, so in this case I like to use Blue Channel, copy that Channel and paste it on top of the layer, and start working from it. Turn it into sepia image before adding texture. The original texture are a bit hard, I just want a lightly texture, so I play around with the opacity, I mean reduce a bit the opacity of the texture until satisfied. Here I use soft light blending mode, which is always my favorite blending option. So if you have the time, play around, give your picture some artistic touch into it. If you don’t like doing heavy editing, that was fine but for me I like to try new thing, I like my picture to have “feel” when people watch it.

I don’t called this editing as a “manipulation” but an “enhancement”, the story is still there, the people are real, I did not add or remove what’s being there or what’s not being there, well, maybe I add a “texture”, that’s it. Those thing does not in anyway change the content of the picture, the people, the activity and the surrounding, it’s just that with this kind of an “enhancement” you can “feel it”…


June 13, 2009
© 2009 Wazari Wazir

© 2009 Wazari Wazir

I’m not a big fan of Langkawi, if not because of my last minute assignment I would not be here. Langkawi is a very beautiful island with white sandy beach and world class resort available here. Sitting next to me during my flight from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi is a couple from Middle East country, I don’t know which country exactly but judging from their dress, they must be come from rich oil country and I think they are newly wedd couple and I saw  a large group  Arab people in the plane also, they have a lot of money to spent and Langkawi is good for them, it is less noise and polluted compared to Kuala Lumpur, heavy with maddening traffic.

The other thing that I think Langkawi is good at is because Free Duty status, women like it, they like to go shopping here and Langkawi also favorite holiday destination among local people here in Malaysia, some come through the air and I think most people travel by the sea, I mean with boat from Kuala Perlis or Kuala Kedah. Photographer like me doesn’t enjoy much of what Langkawi has to offer, I’m not into nature photography business, I’m more into human, I like portraiture and I think, Langkawi doesn’t give me much option. If you are into nature and landscape photography, then Langkawi is your playing field with beautiful sunset and sunrise and also fantastic white sandy beach for you to explore.

Luckily my assignment wasn’t that boring, I got a chance to follow Malaysia Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin during his visit to Kilim Geoforest Park, it was a an experience for me and a group of another local media, we were provided with two boats to cover our DPM and the view along the river is fantastic, we can get really close to the eagle there but unfortunately during our visit there was not many eagle flying around, maybe they were too scared of out boats, few boat actually following our DPM.

From Kuah, it will take you less than half an hour to get here to Kilim Geoforest Park, I’m really sorry, I was a bit rush and forget to ask about the cost of the package, I mean island hopping package and also a trip to “Eagle Feeding” at Kilim river. I see a lot of tourist keep on coming ad go at Kilim jetty, from their face I think they really enjoy their trip, maybe they come from a place where they have never seen   Mangrove Forest. Our trip along the river plus small island hopping took us almost an hour and the last stop still at Kilim river where we have our lunch ready and the food was fantastic, well maybe because of the location, we have our lunch by the river, the sound of the forest really a music to our ears and really help us enjoy our food.

Pakistan | Shattered Dream

June 4, 2009
Pakistan | Shattered Dream

Pakistan | Shattered Dream

I’ve always wanted to visit Pakistan, a beautiful country but at the same time also a complicated country, always have something coming out from this country. I don’t want to make a long story, just to cut the story short, my dream to visit Pakistan is just a dream, I don’t get the Visa, after numerous times to Pakistan Embassy here in Kuala Lumpur, they just told me to wait, they still need to get an approval from Islamabad. My flight to Karachi is on the 11th this month but unfortunately my ticket is useless. Few years back I made a contact with my flickr friend at Pakistan, mostly from Lahore, I tell them where I want to go and when I will come, we discuss many things especially on the interest of photography and some of them did offer me to stay with them.

I just really don’t understand why Pakistan Embassy need an invitation letter from somebody in Pakistan to invite me there. I’m not on Business visit, just as a tourist, what harm can I do, I know the situation there in Pakistan is not welcoming or encouraging. There were conflict going on there. Suicide bombing almost everywhere and happen randomly, blame it on Taliban even though as a foreigner I don’t get the crystal view about what really happening there. Somehow I feel disappointed, why can’t a person from a muslim country pay a visit to each other, aren’t we brother?