Self Expression

© 2009 Wazari Wazir

“I think your picture is not sharp”, “I think your picture is a little bit dark”, I think your highlight is blown out”, ” I think you picture has too much noise”. For me this is all “funny comments” not from photographers but I would call them a “Technicgraphers” why? Simply because these kind of people who like to comments about technical aspect of photography fail to realize what photography is all about, a picture is not like an engine or a building where you can measure or judge their performance by technical aspect. Great photography or great picture will work even if they break all the rules, a blurry picture and totally blown out highlight picture will still stand a chance to win a World Press Photo Awards if the picture is GREAT regardless of their lack of technical aspect.

For me it is very simple, a GREAT picture is a GREAT picture and a BAD picture is a BAD picture even though all the technical aspect is perfect in term of composition, lighting, exposure  and etc and etc…


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4 Responses to “Self Expression”

  1. muhammad fitri Says:

    you’re right mr.wazari
    I should call them like that too
    sometimes, ‘certain’ people will say like that to me
    I feel like I wanna smack their ass
    but I know. they don’t know anything about photography
    it means I am smarter that them.
    Thank you for post something like this. I like it

  2. shaffarullah Says:

    Wazari, spot on. I’m 100% with you on this.

  3. punk5hitam Says:

    aku x setuju…aku x setuju…aku mmg x setuju kalau ada yg x setuju dgn statement ni…you got your point bro…and personally thats why i respect you…a person who really know whats he is doing…

  4. punk5hitam Says:

    eventhough i aggreed with your statement,but…for new cormers like me…know the rules before you want or can break the rules…

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