HaiQal | Expressive Portraiture

© 2009 Wazari Wazir

© 2009 Wazari Wazir

Expression is something that make a portrait. Expression shows an individual his or her character or personality, expression can add mood to a picture, tears, smile, moody, bored, joy, all this kind of expression doesn’t need words to explain. Expressive portraiture will have an impact and usually timeless, most great portrait that are timeless is portrait with a very good expression and for sure it is not about smiling face. Have you remembered Afghan girl that grace National Geographic magazine front cover taken by legendary photographer Steve McCurry. Have you seen a portrait of famous Prime Minister of United Kingdom Winston Churchill taken by Yousuf Karsh a Canadian photographer. Those two pictures are among hundred of photograph that captured my heart, it is because of “Expression”.

HaiQal picture above is among few recent picture that I took and I’m quite happy with his expression, my son and like any kids or toddler doesn’t know how to pose, if you want to learn to shoot candid, you can start with your own child, they can’t stood still even for a moment. A lot of people think that my son know how to pose, in fact it is so hard nowadays to get a decent picture of my son. I can write a long story about my “adventure” of photographing my son but I think most people doesn’t have time to read, there are million of Blog about “How To take a Great Picture”. My secret is simple, it is something called “PASSION”. If you have it, everything will be easy. I don’t have a any formal training or education in photography and I learn photoshop all by myself, if Ican do it, so can you, all it take is passion and about a portrait, try to captured an “Expressive Portraiture” and you will enjoy and appreciate it for as long as you can.


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5 Responses to “HaiQal | Expressive Portraiture”

  1. azrie nasrie Says:

    salam..abg wazari..i’m azrie, i’m so proud with your pic.!..nice,beatiful,make a story…good jobs bro!

  2. mshafie Says:

    hero dah makin besar….

  3. wazariwazir Says:

    Terima kasih MShafie, haiQal dah semakin besar dan semakin payah nak ambil gambarnya but it was fun challenge to me, Happy Father’s Day sahabat…

  4. aminbakish Says:

    memang canteK gambar ni. Nampak real..

  5. wazariwazir Says:

    Thank you Aminbakish, the mood and my son expression is real, only enhance by the editing…

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