Pakistan | Shattered Dream

Pakistan | Shattered Dream

Pakistan | Shattered Dream

I’ve always wanted to visit Pakistan, a beautiful country but at the same time also a complicated country, always have something coming out from this country. I don’t want to make a long story, just to cut the story short, my dream to visit Pakistan is just a dream, I don’t get the Visa, after numerous times to Pakistan Embassy here in Kuala Lumpur, they just told me to wait, they still need to get an approval from Islamabad. My flight to Karachi is on the 11th this month but unfortunately my ticket is useless. Few years back I made a contact with my flickr friend at Pakistan, mostly from Lahore, I tell them where I want to go and when I will come, we discuss many things especially on the interest of photography and some of them did offer me to stay with them.

I just really don’t understand why Pakistan Embassy need an invitation letter from somebody in Pakistan to invite me there. I’m not on Business visit, just as a tourist, what harm can I do, I know the situation there in Pakistan is not welcoming or encouraging. There were conflict going on there. Suicide bombing almost everywhere and happen randomly, blame it on Taliban even though as a foreigner I don’t get the crystal view about what really happening there. Somehow I feel disappointed, why can’t a person from a muslim country pay a visit to each other, aren’t we brother?


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4 Responses to “Pakistan | Shattered Dream”

  1. MamathitaM Says:

    Salam bro wazari..hmmm patut ler saya call baru2 ni takde orang yang angkat pastu sms tak jawab…..rupanya ada cerita disebaliknya…hmmm
    ingatkan saya ada buat salah ker sampai tak angkat telefon…..ok
    no saya 016-922 8274 nanti call saya @ sms no. baru……..

  2. mshafie Says:

    mungkin polisi kerajaan Pakistan yang agak sukar berikan visa kepada pelawat. Bimbang juga jika pelawat macam kita ni menjadi mangsa serangan pihak bertelagah kat sana..anyway, kalau dapat berkunjung ke Pakistan jgn lupa download cerita kat sana!

  3. wazariwazir Says:

    Terima kasih Mshafie, mungkin ada betulnya, payah nak tengok gambar Pakistan daripada sudut pandangan orang luar, kebanyakannya dari rakaman lensa orang tempatan. Ada juga bersua dengan orang-orang kita di Embassy, dah agak kerap mereka ke sana, cuma baru-baru ni sahaja yang agak payah untuk dapatkan Visa. Macam-macam dokumen yang dia orang mintak, burn tiket kapal terbang saya, apa nak buat, takde rezeki agaknya…

  4. punk5hitam Says:

    sabor ajalah bro…x de rezeki…insyaallah…kalau ada rezeki kita plan something utk mengubat hati yg luka tu..he..he..he..

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