Santiago | Chile | My Story

© 2009 Wazari Wazir

© 2009 Wazari Wazir

I guess if I keep on abandoning my blog, nobody would ever visit my blog again, I’m really sorry about my long absence here, since got back from Uruguay I’ve a lot of job to do, my journey for oversea trip is an official assignment for the government of Malaysia, I was required to document Malaysia King State visit there with my camera, when we came back home in Malaysia, we have to compile all the pictures that were taken during the official visit and later on make an album for our King, so that’s why I was a little bit busy since got back from my trip, there were thousand of pictures need to be selected, edited nad printed before we hand over the album to the palace.

My journey from Madrid took us more than thirteen hours of flight times, we have to endure long journey with Iberia Airline, it is not a business class for me but just economy class, very long and boring journey, seated next to me is an older man, I try to have a chat with him but it seem that he is not good at english, most of South American people don’t speak english, they speak Spanish, from the shirt that he wore I see “Columbia”, I guess this man must be from Columbia, from his face I guess he is more than sixty years old.

Guys, I’m really sorry about my bad english and about my bad grammar, this is the only way I can share my experience with most of you guys. So what do I do  to kill my time, sleeping, what else but it was not comfortable to sleep and about the food, I can only eat vegetable and fruits, I’m a Muslim so we can’t eat meat there which is not processed according to our religious, I’m not saying that the food is not good to be eaten but as Muslim there is certain way to prepare our meal especially those with meat, for an example we can eat KFC in our country Malaysia but we can’t eat KFC in non islamic country, have you heard about HALAL food, I think you can check or goggle about HALAL food somewhere.

Enough about food, we reach Santiago International Airport in time, local Santiago time 07:50am in the morning, twelve hours different from our home country Malaysia, I was  surprise that when we get to the luggage carousel to get our belonging we were “welcome” by a dogs, if I were not mistaken there were three of them, this is the first time I see a dog at the luggage carousel. They are busy sniffing our bag maybe looking for something “illegal” that we brought in to their country, luckily there was none, we are clear but not so clear, we still have to go through another scan machine to check whether we have brought in any meat product, a plant or anything that was prohibited to enter this country, I see some of our friends there have to open their bag, and take out something that are not allowed to be taken out from this security check. To cut the story short, my bag was clear, I only bring some fast food, like noodle in the packet and that was ok…

We were stranded in the airport close to an hour just to clear our belonging, there are plenty of bag, you would be surprise if I tell you here, most of the things are a gift in a box from our King, it was to be given here in Chile and Uruguay later on and there are also few boxes that contain food from our country, it is hard to get HALAL food here, so this is our ration while we are here in Chile.

After everything was clear, we head to our hotel in Santiago, we stay at Marriott hotel approximately thirty minutes from the airport. Will continue later, just bear with me… 🙂


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4 Responses to “Santiago | Chile | My Story”

  1. yantz Says:

    hi bro..lama x jenguk sini dah…wah ada org tu syiok jelajah negara omputih..xde ole2 ke?

  2. Ushar Says:

    Share some photo Bro……I can’t wait to see your work! No the King’s photo (of course you can’t publish it without permission) but your photojournalism photo……Lastly, welcome home!

  3. punk5hitam Says:

    syok ooo…leh bekerja sambil jalan2 ni kan…sure bnyk pengalaman baru…waiting to see your new collection of artwork…

  4. terramuro Says:

    hello. Im a student at Brooks Institute and am studying visual journalism and a group of us are going to Chile in October. I’m trying to research photo journalism stories on the people of Chile and was wondering if you had any advice on how to go about finding these stories or coming in contact with people there that could help me out? Since you recently have been to Chile I thought you would be a good person to reach out too so any help you can give, I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you so much!

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