Paskal | Command and Do

© 2009 Wazari Wazir

© 2009 Wazari Wazir

I love taking picture of man in power, I mean not in political power but man or women who have such a powerful energy and stamina like this guy picture above, just look at his eyes, full of power and fearless. We need this kind of man to protect our country, fearless man, will do anything for our country. He is from PASKAL ( Naval Special Force ) is the elite special operations force of The Royal Malaysian Navy, which conducts unconventional warfare , guerilla warfare, jungle warfare, direct action, counter-terrorism, close protection for VVIP, specific enemy assassination, hostage rescue and special reconnaissance as well as foreign internal defense.

It was officially established on October 1st 1980. I guess you can do your homework more on the internet, but the fact is most of the details are not covered, you won’t be able to see the truly PASKAL, they are very secretive about their operation and also their training. It was for our own good I guess, what I can say is that, not everybody fit to be a PASKAL members, they are only for the tough among the toughest, nobody want a weak man to protect or country. I never get tired of taking this man in action, rarely do we saw this man in action in public, this shot was taken at Merdeka Square Kuala Lumpur, during Malaysian Armed Forces Career Exposition in Kuala Lumpur. The expo aim to lure more young Malaysians to opt for careers in the military.


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2 Responses to “Paskal | Command and Do”

  1. punk5hitam Says:

    sakit mata saya bro…sakit…lu mmg melampau bro…tapi i love u…

  2. mshafie Says:

    dulu ada 3 orang sekelas yang kerja navy tapi sambung belajar..ingatkan diorang tu navy biasa je nak belajar pasal engineering rupanya diorang tengah dalam kursus asas PASKAL…itupon last minit dpt tahu punya cerita pasal diorang ni jarang campur ngan kita..datang sharp on time ngan disiplin tinggi..abis kelas jek terus hilang tanpa dikesan..nak korek no talipon pon tak dpt..kenal nama je lah..

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